What is the appeal of handbags?

Jun 01 , 2019

Dodo Shoppers

What is the appeal of handbags?

An iconic bag is one that empowers the wearer and that most designers will aspire to create. If I had to think of one word that captures the essence of a great design it will have to be balance. Looking at handbags that became iconic over the years, all of them have this undeniable balance that made them stand out.

A balance within their silhouette, cut, lines, materials, volume, colors and textures while balancing functionality and beauty. I believe balance is what we, as designers need to have in mind constantly as we strive to create a great, iconic product. It is the greatest challenge for a designer to make all the components in one piece come together and create a harmony.

A harmony that people will understand and relate to. This harmony is rare but when it is brought to life it has a special twist that makes people notice it. This twist or extra ingredient can be as simple as a quirky stitch, cut-out or pop of colour; a small detail that is unique enough to make the bag stand out but is restrained enough to keep the bag chic, luxurious and that speaks to different types of women.It is easier to over complicate a design with lots of details than to create a perfectly balanced one.

Once a strong, often simple, body is achieved it is obvious to a good designer that it doesn’t need anything else to stand out. This is it-the promised land of all design, beauty in its pure form. This is what all iconic bags have in common in my opinion.

Training the design eye, learning how to reach a good balance, edit and re-edit until the design reaches that nirvana-like point of balance (and to recognise when it does) can take a lifetime to master.