Diy alloy wheel repair kit (how to get a scratch out of a rim)


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DIY Alloy Wheel Rim Repair Kit : how to get a scratch out of a rim

Permanently repair your alloy rim's curb scratches!

This DIY Alloy Wheel Rim Repair Kit will let you save money and time!
No need to wait for a long time to fix your rims and no need to spend a lot of money for repair!



Fix your rim's curb damages, scratches, installation damages, and scuff marks!

Also, repairs sanding marks and slight dents.

With added value-vibration and carwash resistant. 

Heat resistant up to 130°C (266°F).




Applicable and works on alloy or steel rims.
Can also be used for hubcaps and synthetic wheels.
Not applicable on bi-color, metal, chrome and gunmetal rims.




Easy maintenance and time-saving.
Repair rim damages and scratches in 30 minutes!
Quality that can par with professional workshops but less the money spent!
Save money and save time using just one kit!




Clean the rough edges and uneven areas in your rim
Clean the area with alcohol
Dry area with cleaning cloth
Squeeze both cartridges
Mix and evenly stir both components until you get gray mass
Apply to the damaged area with no direct contact to your skin and let dry for 15-20 minutes
Put lacquer using a brush and let dry for 1-2 hours before driving
Full curing time on the rims is 3 days.

Make your rims look brand new! Get your DIY Alloy Wheel Rim Repair Kit NOW!