Car Seat Side Organizer


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Organize Your Stuff In Car In the Neatest Way



Got no space to place your stuff in car? Let’s create some space with Car Seat Side Organizer.


Tidy up your messy car now with super practical Car Seat Side OrganizerEasy to access as you only need to reach the side of the seat for your desired stuff. Got 2 net pockets and a zipped pocket to have the most functional storage space for you to fill them with anything you want. Waterproof design so no more worries after spilling something on it. Time to organize your car in the perfect way !



  • From Messy to Tidy:
    Organize all your stuff in car with it to get the neatest car!
  • Easy to Access:
    Wanna get your card but hard to reach it when heading out of parking lot? No more doubts from now on as you only need to reach the side of your seat.
  • Functional Storage:
    With 2 net pockets and a zipped pocket to let you place your fav items in it.
  • Simple Installation:
    Just velcro and tie it on any seat sides and here you go!
  • Waterproof:
    Spilled soda on it? No need to worry as it is waterproof.
  • Perfect Fit On Car Seat:
    Stay perfectly on your seat and it is not obstructing you from adjusting car seat or reaching anywhere.



Size: 38cmX11.5cm