Car Alloy Wheels Bike Boat Peelable Protective Film Spray Paint


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 Spray if you want, tear if you want

Dodoshoppers spray film protects, coats and seals. The spray film can be used individually in the interior and exterior. It can be used on most metal, plastics, glass and many other materials. You can even protect your paint if you apply the spray film three times or more. It has the look of lacquer and is easy to remove like a film! The new SPRAY FILM is easy to handle and can be removed without any problems. SPRAY FILM can be used for many interior and exterior purposes. If you do not need this protection any more or in case of abrasion just peel off the spray film and renew it. The rubber like coat protects the rim and can easily be removed again.


Product Applications :

  • CAR: Protects against salt and light stone chipping.
  • BIKE: Protects against water and steam-jet air ejectors.
  • BOAT: Protects against moisture and salt water.
  • HOME: Protects against abrasion and dirt.
  • ELEKTRICS: Isolates and prevents leakage. 



Want To Have a New Look??

  • With the spray film various surfaces can be dyed without any problems. The rubber like coat protects the ground on which it is applied and can easily be removed again.
  • Various application possibilities.
  • For inside and outside purposes.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Pack contains 2 x 400ml Cans. 2 Cans are enough for four rims.
  • Simple individualization with the spray film. Tape the rim - spray it on - ready. And the special thing about it - the spray film is easy to remove!
  • Detailed installation instructions are included in the pack.
  • Price is for Orange 2057 Spray Film Set.